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Nicosia Development Agency (ANEL) Ltd is a company established by the local authorities and has the ability to claim available European or other funding for the benefit of its shareholders. Shareholders and owners of ANEL are eight Municipalities of the Nicosia District (Engomi, Idalion, Lakatamia, Latsia, Strovolos, Yeri, Tseri and Aglantzia). It is a non-profit organization that is monitored by a Board of Directors which is formed through elections by the General Assembly where all shareholders participate. The Board of Directors is currently constituted by the eight Mayors of the Municipalities mentioned above.

The objectives of the Nicosia Development Agency are the following:

  • Direct and timely provision of information about the European Union
  • Expertise and counseling support to the member Municipalities for their development and planning
  • Developmental planning of the broader area
  • Maximum exploitation of the available national and European Funding programs through the participation and management of relevant projects
  • Technical support of the residents and the local organizations in the sectors of training, education, quality of life improvement and socio-economic development in general
  • Undertaking initiatives for the protection of the environment, conservation of the cultural heritage and development of social cohesion
  • Promotion of the co-operation between the local authorities and governmental organizations, semi-governmental authorities and the private sector aiming at synergy and partnership for further development
  • Development of a trans-national network of cooperation with organizations from other EU member states
  • Exchange of experience with other EU member states'' local authorities for the introduction and implementation of new innovative practices or policies on local and regional level


 This website and the operation of the whole "Social Solidarity Program" is managed and controlled by the Board of Directors and the staff of Nicosia Development Agency (ANEL).